Health and Safety Update: What Event Exhibitors Should Know

Apr 14, 2021

As exhibitors at a trade show in 2021, you’ll be playing an important part at in-person live events. We’ve passed the year mark into the pandemic in the U.S., so events, small and large, are just beginning to stage again, and you’re probably eager to participate so that you can snag new buyers and start writing orders. While event attendees are also ready to meet with vendors, we still have some time to go before everything is “back to normal” So, along with our need to socialize, health and safety are still vital to having a successful event. 

As you consider what trade shows to be a part of, here are five active ways you can encourage good health and safety practices in your booth and while at the show.

Remind your booth visitors to wear their masks.

While masks are slowly being phased out as a requirement, many private events, including ASD, are still enforcing their attendees wear masks. We know it can be a pain to wear your mask properly (over the nose and mouth), especially throughout a large show like ASD Market Week, but we also know how effective masks can be in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We also understand that, as an exhibitor, you are trying to sell your products, which means you don’t want to get on the bad side of a potential customer. However, event staff can’t be everywhere at once, and we need your help to make sure attendees are following protocol. 

Encourage your booth staff to kindly request that each buyer continue to wear their mask, even as they are doing business with you. It’s all of our responsibility to keep everyone safe as we take the risk of having in-person events again. Lucky for you, every event that results in zero new cases means another event or trade show that can successfully be produced where you can keep getting back to business.

Encourage less contact at your booth.

Because you are essentially the “boss” of your booth, there are other health and safety practices that you can encourage while on the show floor. As many retailers have implemented contactless shopping and delivery, this concept can be adopted at live events, as well. 

When you can, support less touching by those who visit your booth. This, of course, does not include products that need to be tried out to get its full understanding. But, as much as possible, try to conduct conversations without shaking hands, hugs, or any other unnecessary contact.

Throughout the year, we have struggled to form connections without touch, but we’ve got a lot of practice in saying hi more, elbow bumps, waving, and eye contact. Continue to follow these great ways to interact while at your next show or conference. 

Provide hand sanitizers and more.

One great way to show you care about the buyers visiting your booth is to provide takeaways. While venues are starting to offer hand sanitizing stations, you can also get in on the action by giving your booth visitors hand sanitizers or other wellness products, as well. What’s more, this is the perfect opportunity to keep your company top-of-mind by branding these items for an inexpensive way to promote your booth and products, even after the show.

Don’t forget to also use disinfectants inside your booth, including tables and chairs. Keep your section of the show as clean as possible, and you can be confident that you, your staff, and the attendees are staying healthy while enjoying the event. 

Paperless communications are trending.

Many trade shows and events are known for using and leaving behind a lot of paper. This includes order forms, receipts, flyers, and more. Exhibitors like to know that they are providing something tangible for which potential customers will remember them. Plus, many exhibitors like the feeling of being able to hold something in their hands that confirms a sale. Today, that needs to change. 

Paperless communications are the way to go. Try using email marketing or QR codes to direct visitors to important information. Look into POS software that could work for your wholesale business and see how it can help streamline your order-writing. Not only are you saving trees and providing a healthier way to learn more about your products, but since everyone has a phone or computer, you can be confident that your pertinent message won’t end up in the trash or forgotten on the show floor. It’ll always be available for your customers to reference; even better when they go to look you up and contact you in the future.

Send ONLY your best.

One way to practice social distancing is to limit the amount of employees you send to upcoming shows and conferences. Less people means less risk, and live event producers are already expecting less people at their shows. With this in mind, send only your best salespeople you know will get the job done for you as trade shows when closing that sale on the show floor. 

Use the time between shows to offer quality training so that each staff member understands your brand story and the message you want to convey to buyers. In any event, one or two high quality salespeople are much better than 10 “just okay” staff members. The latter will get the opportunity to experience a show like ASD Market Week in the future when it’s safer to be around an increased amount of people. 

It’s Up to You 

We’re going to need all hands on deck to make events and conferences safe to attend in 2021. As our flagship event, ASD Market Week, returns this year, we hope that you’ll join us in making it a healthy and successful moment in the retail industry for everyone involved. See the following resources on health and safety at our summer show in Las Vegas.

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Gina Lemon

Gina Lemon

Gina Lemon is a writer focused on B2B marketing. She is an Email Marketing Manager at Emerald Expositions, for ASD Market Week. Born and branded in Virginia and Maryland, she spends part of her days looking for ways to use her music degree. The rest of her time writing content to help retail businesses succeed.

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